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“Bonjour Philippe, Merci pour ce magnifique Baobab qui trouvera bientôt sa place dans mon Dojo de Seitaï. Je l'ai reçu en parfait état peu de temps après ton envoi. Et même si j'ai mis une peu de temps à le rempoter, comme tu peux le voir sur la photo jointe, il est magnifique avec ses premières feuilles et profite pleinement de la canicule !!!“
Romain Cazaumayou
2015-07-14 11:51:33 - romain@seitai-energetique.com -seitai-energetique.com

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“Dear Philippe and Madame Voly I would personally like to thank you both for a wonderful experience in Senegal at your nursery and plantation. It was very kind of you to let me stay at your home and for the lovely lunch at the safari. I am most grateful. You have a lovely home and a beautiful daughter. My visit far exceeded my expectations and I am now much more confident than when I arrived. You have worked extremely hard over the past 5 years and I admire your dedication and passion for this wonderful tree. I had never expected to see so many baobab trees in their natural environment and they really were spectacular. I do hope they remain so and that development does not take precedence. I am quietly confident that we will quickly build up momentum for this reforestation program in Ghana of which I feel you are very much a part of. We are fortunate to have a very strong marketing team based In Germany with 8 satellite offices and access to millions of potential subscribers through the binary options/trading platforms. Although the marketing techniques are quite aggressive and involve multiple layers, at the end of the day I am only concerned with the planting of the tree and the budget required to “baby sit” the tree for 3 years. This certainly is going to be challenging, however I am prepared for quite a tough time ahead. It would give me great pleasure to be ordering from you again within a few weeks’ time! Let’s wait and see. Certainly I will be staying in close contact and send you pictures and updates. I do look forward to the day I can invite you to Ghana to visit the largest baobab forest in the world. Warm regards Mark“
Mark Quinn
2015-07-14 11:48:35 - mquinn@darlowenterprises.com - Darlowentreprises